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  • Your customer wants an answer to a question... and if you don't give it to them... your competitor will! When I message a company it's USUALLY because I NEED a response right now. If you don't provide it, I will look elsewhere I have no loyalty unless you prove to me you have my best interest!

A Real Facebook Messenger Client Said...

“We lost a patient last week on a page that is NOT using Messenger. That patient was worth $20k + to us—by the time I reached out to help she had already been admitted by a competitor. We will be implementing Messenger responses on ALL fan pages in the coming days—one lost patient was all the “proof” I needed”

“For the record, I responded to her message within the hour—but I was too late!”

”On the lowest end of the spectrum, our client is worth about 5k, upper end, 50k or more—either way, losing the opportunity is NOT good!”


Can you Imagine losing this kind of money by not being available at the moment in need?

This message could have had a response instantly and potentially pointed this person to a phone number/ website/ email or some next crucial step.

Customers are turning to Messenger to get answers... to make purchase decisions... and to build the client to business relationship.

Most businesses aren't active in Messenger, which is crazy to me... but even the ones that are, don't realize how CRUCIAL it is to be instant.

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What if I told you that RIGHT NOW you could be getting around 20-30% more customers, 500% more leads, and communicate with your customers in a way they ACTUALLY care to engage with... all without actually having to add anymore work to your plate and WITHOUT spending more money on ads.

Facebook recently published a statistic that stated more than 85% of adults have Messenger in their phone and prefer it as a means of communicating with businesses. There's a really good chance you are seeing the increase in Messenger messages as well, and that SHOULD be turning into more customers for you. 

Most businesses are ignoring the importance of these messages and this is a huge mistake and oversight. Messenger can be your companies biggest asset if used correctly, and doesn't actually require any more work from you... in fact it can mostly be automated.

We found that by instantly responding to most inbound conversations we can increase sales and decrease overall customer support time

Local Business has the most to lose by not having their Messenger automations in place. It really is that simple! 90% of consumers said they would give their money to the business that responds first! The days of "wanting to be personalized" are over, you can still make a highly engaging and entertaining experience in Messenger through automations. This saves you time, money, and creates new customers. 

Your customer wants an answer to a question... and if you don't give it to them... your competitor will! When I message a company it's USUALLY because I NEED a response right now. If you don't provide it, I will look elsewhere I have no loyalty unless you prove to me you have my best interest.

The first step to realizing if you can benefit from Messenger automations is to perform an "Inbox Audit". This is something that we do for our customers regularly and is a great way to find out what your customers are asking for most frequently when reaching out in Messenger.

Make sure you take the time to grab your inbox consultation now and we can have you up and running within just DAYS!

Grab Your 1 on 1 Call With Me, We'll Evaluate Your Need And Opportunity For Utilizing Facebook Messenger to Increase Sales, Decrease Customer Support, And Build Better Customer Relationships!

Here’s the deal. Every business needs a fan page, every fan page has messenger.... 30 Billion messages are sent every month between customers and businesses.

You work your tail off to rank on Google, build a nice website, spend advertising dollars, and yet... when that prospect finds you and wants to reach out you really only care about immediate contact!

Think about it... Business owners need websites, they need SEO, they need Messenger!

Imagine being able to get someone into Messenger, automate an entire sequence of qualifying questions, grab their email, grab their phone number...  AND NEVER HAVE TO CREATE OR SEND THEM TO A WEBSITE!

Its about community, the stronger the community, the longer someone stays. You want your responses to feel personal? You can still make them feel personal AND have them be automated...

The craziest part is... being REACTIVE in Messenger is only like 40% of the potential. You can also use it as a MARKETING CHANNEL! Messenger is poised to become one of the most effective marketing channels on the planet in the next year or two.

Messenger is massively miss-understood by most but needs to be taken seriously because Facebook announced that 30 BILLION messages are being sent between consumers and businesses every month.

Does Any Of The Following Hurt You?

– Youtube Algorithm Changes, Subscribers not notified of events

– Subscribers not notified of live and new videos

– Losing subscribers

– No engagement on social media

– Social media is non-existent

– Need real communication channel to ensure loyal fans see everything you have to offer

– Need to use all social media outlets and able to let subscribers and followers know

– Multi Channel Awareness makes subscriber more aware and involved if you have more outlets

– No delays in customers receiving information and going elsewhere such as video view, store hours, sales etc

– Phone not ringing

– Email marketing stinks

– Appointment reminders

– Customer support for password changes etc

– Negative campaign/review attack

Book a short 15 - 20 minute call to discuss what we can do and what you can likely benefit from the most! Let's get you setup asap and make Messenger a Profitable Marketing Asset for your business!

FaceBook Messenger Is The Future Of Social Marketing

The New CEO of Facebook Messenger Just Stated That For Millennials,
Messenger Is The Preferred Platform For Customer Support and Product Querries

61 Percent will abandon a site right away that doesn't answer them immediately.
61 Percent of consumers say the ability to easily contact a business is critical to the decision to make a purchase.
75 Percent of people say they prefer to message/text for information before committing further.